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Collaborative Annotation

Together is better.

Modular, customizable annotation platform.

DataTorch annotator, annotating a chess board with an annotation for each chess piece.

Invite collaborators to build datasets with.

List of members with permission levels shown. Permission levels are adjustable.

Communicate information to the members of your project.

About section of a DataTorch project.

Decentralized Datasets

Never move a file again.

Pick and choose files from separate storages to create datasets.

List of images with associated metadata, such as annotation status, annotation count, file size, etc.

Access any file, anywhere.

Animation of Datatorch's file system on a sample dataset.

Aggregate data among multiple collabotors and cloud storages.

List of storage providers with their cloud provider and upload date.

Security and Permissioning

Your project, your rules.

Make projects public or private.

Image of a toggle menu showing the ability to set projects as private or public.

See exactly where and how your files are stored.

Interface for adding a storage provider to DataTorch.

Give your team members fine-grained roles and permisisons.

DataTorch card allowing inviting members to a project with permissions.

Project Management

The command center for your tools, your team, and your data.

Control every aspect of dataset development on a single platform.

Sidebar for a DataTorch project.

See the status and progress of your resources over time.

DataTorch dashboards showing progress on a project.

Delagate and communicate across multiple projects.

A list of projects within an example organization.

Developer Tools

Total control over every byte of data.

Lift the hood with GraphQL.

Example DataTorch GraphQL query.

Script and program your workflow directly in Python.

Code sample showing an example Python action.

Automate, integrate, and extend DataTorch with Agents and Pipelines.

Example code from a pipeline that uses the DEXTR action.


Learn, share, and explore on our machine learning community.

Customize your profile and show off your skills.

Animation of Datatorch's file system on a sample dataset.

Join the machine learning discussion in DataTorch channels.

Discussion page showing a debate on negative test results in data science.

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