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Build AI vision, blazing fast.

DataTorch makes building computer vision AI fast and accessible to anyone by making collaborative dataset developement easy.

Unleash your data's potential

DataTorch wraps a straightforward image dataset builder around a powerful integrated AI developer tool.

Any use case
Customize your annotations and metadata to build datasets for any use case.
Start Immediately
Easy and free to start building datasets for AI, with no coding expertise required.
Unified Workflows
Dataset builder, project management, and developer API integrated in one platform.
Developer Favorite
COCO format, GraphQL API, Python SDK, and CLI tools for access and control.
Powering research and development across the world

I was overwhelmed with wrangling data, getting it labeled, training annotators, providing status updates, and keeping track of everything. DataTorch let us go from idea to production in record time!

Dan Lee
Chief Data Scientist, Dentuit AI


Label your data any way you want. Use bounding boxes, brushes, magic wand, keypoints, file metadata and more. Start in less than 60 seconds.


We built our dataset without any ML experience, tested the proof of concept, and handed it off easily to a machine learning engineer when the time was right. I never thought making machine learning models could be so easy!

Jacob Andrews
Chief Executive Officer, iVue Robotics


Stop moving files around. Start building datasets. Access files from any cloud storage provider, or upload directly from your computer. Make datasets from any files, anywhere.


A command center for your data development team. Share and discuss information with team members and viewers. Track progress with metrics. See everything happening, all in one place.


The clean and simple UI is really just for the annotators. Use our Python client and GraphQL API to access every aspect of your project. Control everything through code.

Directly access DataTorch under the hood with our roboust GraphQL API, giving you full control over every aspect of your data, users, and projects.
Utilize our Python client to programmatically upload data, import previous annotations, and create annotations directly in your code.
Automate deployments, create AI-assisted annotation tools, see the results of your own models, and more with Agents and Pipelines.
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