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DataTorch is a collaborative data annotation platform for building datasets at any scale and exporting in COCO format.

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Great datasets aren't born, they're made.

Create public and private projects, which encapsulate every aspect of dataset development - from ideation to export.

One project. Infinite possibilities.

Manage file storages
Quickly populate your dataset with our simple drag and drop interface.
Directly access files from any AWS, Google, or Azure cloud storage.
Design and create datasets
Create datasets across multiple file storages without needing to move files.
Diagram annotation classes in advance, or as-you-go in our annotation tool.
Annotate with others
Add up to 2 additional collaborators to your private project at no cost.
Use DataTorch for your own individual private use, free forever.
Integrate with your workflow
Plug DataTorch Agents into your infrastructure with YAML like syntax.
Utilize our CLI, Python client, and GraphQL API for total developer control.

Unlimited scale

Empowering machine learning for teams of any size

Whether you are first getting started with AI or a veteran machine learning practitioner, DataTorch makes building datasets as simple as it gets, while being as powerful as you need.

Our software is designed to scale from the single user to massive multi-team companies. That's why DataTorch has processed over one million annotations across people, startups, and enterprises all over the world.

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Developer centric APIs

The clean and simple UI is really just for the annotators.

Beneath the surface, DataTorch is an extensible developer tool that has been refined over multiple iterations to streamline our users with total control over how and when their data is handled.

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Directly access DataTorch under the hood with our roboust GraphQL API, giving you full control over every aspect of your data, users, and projects.
Utilize our Python client to programmatically upload data, import previous annotations, and create annotations directly in your code.
Automate deployments, create AI-assisted annotation tools, see the results of your own models, and more with Agents and Pipelines.
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